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Vatican hosts conference marking World Day against Trafficking

(Vatican Radio) The first World Day against Trafficking in Persons is being marked on Wednesday July 30th, with a call to action to step up the fight and support the survivors.

Holy See issues a plea for peace to embassies

(Vatican Radio) In an effort to promote peace, The Vatican Secretary of State issued a “nota verbale” to all the embassies accredited to the Holy See. This statement included the texts of Pope Francis’ most recent addresses that called for peace, particularly in the Middle East.

Fifty thousand ministrants in pilgrimage to Rome

Vatican City, 29 July 2014 (VIS) – From 4 to 8 August, more than fifty thousand ministrants from Germany, Austria and Switzerland will make a pilgrimage to Rome, a trip organised every August by German dioceses. This event is intended to strengthen the spiritual potential of an group that is important to German pastoral ministry, consisting of more than 430,00 children, adolescents and young adults who carry out altar service.

Pope’s August prayers to focus on refugees fleeing violence.

(Vatican Radio)  Pope Francis’ universal prayer intention for the month of August was released on Tuesday and focuses on “refugees, forced by violence to abandon their homes” that they may “find a generous welcome and the protection of their rights”.

Ahead of the papal appeal the French government announced that it is ready to help facilitate asylum in its territory for Christians and other minorities fleeing an Islamist onslaught in Northern Iraq.

2013 saw largest crackdown on religions in recent memory

(Vatican Radio) The annual International Religious Freedom Report has been released in the US, chronicling 2013 as one of the worst years for religious freedom.

The report mandated by the US Congress details where and when the universal right to religious freedom was neglected and protected, upheld and abused. In its introduction it states that in 2013, “the world witnessed the largest displacement of religious communities in recent memory”.

Dates confirmed for Pope Francis' trip to Sri Lanka, Philippines

(Vatican Radio)  The Holy See Press Office issued a comunique Tuesday confirming the dates of the Apostolic Trip of the Holy Father in Sri Lanka and the Philippines.

Accepting the invitation from the civil authorities and the Episcopate, His Holiness Francis will make an Apostolic Trip to Sri Lanka from 12 to 15 January and in the Philippines from 15 to 19 January 2015. The program for the trip will be published shortly.

Pope Francis gives interview to Argentinian newspaper

(Vatican Radio) To mark the first 500 days of the pontificate of Pope Francis, the Argentinian weekly “Viva” (a supplement of the newspaper El Clarín) on Sunday published the first excerpts of an interview with Pope Francis conducted earlier this month.

Pope Francis reflected on many things - including his memories of his youth, social issues such as immigration, and even the secret of happiness.

Pope has casual Q&A with priests of Caserta

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis met with the priests of the Diocese of Caserta on his visit there on Saturday afternoon. The Pope engaged in a question-and-answer period with the priests in the Palatina della Reggia di Caserta Chapel. The Vatican Radio translation of this exchange is offered below.

Cardinal Sandri: No religion can kill in the name of God

(Vatican Radio) Cardinal Leonardo Sandri on Sunday said “no religion can accept to kill God’s children in the Name of the same God.”  He was speaking during a homily at the Chaldean Cathedral of St. Peter in San Diego, California.

Cardinal Sandri, the Prefect for the Congregation for the Eastern Churches, is this month visiting Eastern-Rite Catholic communities in California.

Pope in Caserta asks pardon for persecution of Pentecostals

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis returned to the southern Italian city of Caserta on Monday for a private visit to the Pentecostal community known as the Evangelical Church of Reconciliation. The Pope first met the founder of the community, Pastor Giovanni Traettino, during his time as archbishop of Buenos Aires and over the past year he has met and received groups of Pentecostals at his Santa Marta residence here in the Vatican.

Listen to Philippa Hitchen’s report:  


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